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Lovemakers Release Date: Fall 2012 Genre: Romantic / Comedy LOVEMAKERS is a quirky romantic comedy, full of Shakespearean mistaken identities and over the top situations.LOVEMAKERS, a financially strapped dating agency in Budapest, is retained by a questionable Russian businessman.

“One by one,” a little girl’s voice drones ominously during the opening credits, foreshadowing the mayhem destined to thin out the wedding party that has descended on Washington-adjacent Harper’s Island, where poor-kid Henry (Christopher Gorham) is about to wed Trish (Katie Cassidy), the wealthy daughter of the Wellington family for whom he once worked.So scroll down for more information or share the link on social media to let your friends know what you're watching.Date Removed: 30th September 2016 Available for: 24 months Description: When Jake Tilton receives a monkey's paw, a cursed artifact that grants the bearer three wishes, he discovers that there's a dark twist to the gift.Abby Mills - Elaine Cassidy Henry Dunn - Christopher Gorham Trish Wellington - Katie Cassidy Chloe Carter - Cameron Richardson Carl Vandeusen - Adam Campbell Jimmy Mance - C. Thomason Sheriff Charlie Mills - Jim Beaver Christopher "Sully" Sullivan - Matt Barr Beth Barrington - Amber Borycki Thomas Wellington - Richard Burgi As much as I like the idea behind “Harper’s Island” — a self-contained 13-episode “mystery event,” with a fixed July 2 end date — the execution falls well short of the “Ten Little Indians” conceit.Playing mostly like a twentysomething soap — “One Tree Hill” if they killed a character or two each week — the episodes are too scattered initially to provoke much curiosity about whodunit, and the slasher-movie flourishes (grisly as they are) will feel watered down to an audience weaned on them.

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