Email etiquette response time dating en date dk Tårnby

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If someone virtually winks at you, why not wink back?!

Cheeky and fun, a wink speaks volumes in the world of online dating.

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If someone has taken the time to email you and ask questions, it’s important that you reply with the same care and consideration.

If your still struggling for ideas/ making mistakes then check out our online messaging guide.

The original genius of email was that the sender could launch her missive at a time convenient for her.

The bad news from analyses of millions of emails is that people do expect swifter responses.

The good news, however, is that you can manage this expectation, and buy yourself time if you need to. Unlike in the days when you had to get to a computer and use a dial-up connection (thus tying up your phone line), most people do respond to email quite quickly.

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