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Thirdly, it supports the idea of abstinence from sex until marriage.Has he ever considered that some people struggle in dating not because they do not have a model that works, but because they have a hard time finding a point of connection due to their ethnic minority background?Comparing them to my friends back home who would do plastic surgeries to look prettier, I wondered: how can I be as confident and humble?Driven by the belief in man’s perfectibility, I took an academic approach towards Christianity.

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And for a man to make that switch from liking you to feeling something deeper for you, there does have to be more.

This is why you should clarify this stuff for yourself BEFORE you meet a man you like – to avoid letting chemistry cloud your judgment and lead you into a situation that’s not right for you.

Get clear now on what you’re looking for, so that when you do come face to face with someone you think you want to be in a relationship with, you can express it.

If the miracle were a lie, then the question is: who would make up the lie and what was their motivation? It could not be the Jews who disclaimed Jesus to be the Messiah.

It could not be Jesus and the disciples, who were most likely to make up the story for the sake of social advancement: yet they all martyred, and why would anyone die for a lie that did not serve any of their self-interests? I did my due diligence, and took my leap of faith as I developed habits of faith.

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