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There are about 80 problems altogether; being closely associated with the introductory text, they develop and supplement it and therefore their examination is of equal inportance.

A few corrections and refinements have been made in the present edition to stress the physical essence of the problems studied.

The book does not contain detailed solutions to the problems in the book, which might be frustrating to students.

For Irodov Physics solutions, you can contact subject experts at e Medical Prep who offer detailed explanations and can help you understand how to solve the problems using illustrations and graphical representations.

when motion velocities are much less than the velocity of light, while in the second part of the book velocities comparable to that of light are considered.

Each chapter opens with a theoretical essay followed by a number of the most instructive and interesting examples and problems, with solutions provided.

Hence, NEET aspirants and Medical entrance exam aspirants are advised to read this book only in their free time.

For this, one can download Irodov Physics pdf online too. It has a preface at the beginning of the book and chapter-wise answers and solutions at the end of the book. The best covered topics in IE Irodov Physics book are Basis of Vector, Trigonometry and Calculus.

He is mostly known as a physics professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering (MEPHi) and the author of a series of handbooks on general physics, which became lecture courses in physics in several countries. When he was eight his family moved to Moscow, where he lived until his death.

It contains about 2000 problem covering the major areas of Physical science: mechanics, thermodynamics, molecular physics, electrodynamics, oscillations and waves, optics, atomic and nuclear physics.

Each section is preceded by a short summary of appropriate formulas whose total number exceeds 300.

These classic texts have been designed so as to work as elementary textbooks which play a crucial role in building the concepts from scratch as in-depth knowledge of concepts is necessary for students preparing for various entrance examinations.

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