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I���������ve faced the same problem with the censors.Q had recently said that the censor board should be abolished... That���������s only from the socio-political aspect of filmmaking.Sex has played an important role in almost all your films... It���������s a two-hour film but it���������s impossible to get the hang of the time and space before you are one and a half hours into the film. In fact, in an interview about a year back, he had said that films can now get into that zero budget format. Then I heard an astrologer had advised the producer against releasing the film before a certain span of time.This kind of complicated non-linear narrative, that features in Tarantino���������s films, has hardly been tried in India before. Then I thought, it���������s our money and if we can���������t do it now, then when do we do it? I would say I���������m inspired by both Ramu and Q, not in terms of content, but style. Ultimately, the intellectual property rights of a film are always with the producer.I also don���������t understand why a shoot stretches for 35 days, when it can be wrapped up in a fortnight.I���������d rather spend the other 20 days at Oly Pub. Today, there are many more independent filmmakers here.Much like the film, this statement needed some exploring.Excerpts: You���������d once said, 'Koyekti Meyer Golpo', your film on escort services, was conceived at a pub... It was around two years back, when we could go pub-hopping till 2.30 am. I found it fascinating that they came across as normal people like you and I ��������� minus any inhibitions about sex.

But director Subrata Sen says that he���������s not in touch with the women anymore, as his curiosity was far from sexual.He doesn���������t believe that he has to release the film he has made. Whether it���������s Parno, Tanusree or Locket ��������� I���������ve given them a token remuneration.Q thinks even if there is no theatrical release, there are alternative means to show his film to people. That���������s why I will never attempt a Isn���������t money a concern for indie filmmakers? I told all of them, ���������Consider this your pocket money��������� and they agreed.There���������s another scene where the ���������dobkadasha��������� discussion comes back in a flashback. Maybe it was because of the violence that was linked to the scene. If such scenes can get passed in censorcertified from Mumbai as he feared that a lot of his crucial scenes would be lopped off. Sexual humour is there in many popular Bangla novels. In there���������s no bed scene, but there���������s oodles of sexuality.I didn���������t go to Mumbai and here, I face this! The notion that Bangali holei puritan hote hobey, cannot be accepted. I���������m also kicked about the storytelling format. Twice I heard it would release but it didn���������t.

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