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Most people seem to think the world will be the same as it is now, except that our cars will be driving us around.

In this scenario School Of Tech: Disadvantages Of Mini-ITX Motherboards, Best Upgrade From A Radeon 260x 2015-04-04 - Forbes Tech This week in School of Tech, answers to these questions: Are there drawbacks to using a mini-ITX motherboard? Gillmor Gang: Watch Your Step 2015-04-04 - Tech Crunch The Gillmor Gang — Kevin Marks, Frank Radice, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. The one where we talk TV or Not TV: the intersection of live streaming, the Apple Watch, and the Info Router.

But the star of the movie is determined that there’s one more quarter mile they have yet to reach, the Oscars. Not So Fast 2015-04-05 - Forbes Tech For decades, we have heard a lot of talk from American officials, industry experts, and others about the supposed threat of a “cyber 9/11,” “cyber Pearl Harbor,” “cyber Katrina,” or even “cyber Sandy.” In short, we have been warned repeatedly that “cyber doom” is coming. Categories for hardware-based servers, storage, networking and security were created in the past 30 years that still generate 0 billion-plus in&hell Blog: Endelig en international UX-certificering i Danmark 2015-04-05 - Version2 Danske UX-professionelle har længe savnet en fælles dokumenteret standard for, hvornår man kan kalde sig ekspert i User Experience (UX) – og efter flere tilløb er der nu en fælles certificering på vej, der ovenikøbet allerede er gældende i Tyskland og er på vej til at blive indført i en række and...

Indeed, as recently as this fall, cyber doom was in the news as a re The Dawn Of The Age Of The Software ‘Infrapreneur’ 2015-04-05 - Tech Crunch The software-defined data center should be a call to all entrepreneurs focused on enterprise infrastructure that the past does not predict the future, but it can be undone by it. Nyhed: Her er indie-spillene til Wii U og 3DS 2015-04-05 - Gamereactor Fede platformere, hårde roguelikes, blækspruttefædre, pizzapiger og gys er blandt de mange muligheder, når indie-udviklere kommer på banen med unde...

Sådan ændrer Google verdenskortet 2015-04-05 - Videnskabdk Googles kortlæggelse af verden er mere end bare kartografi.

Den er nemlig et vigtigt led i videreudviklingen af nye produkter.

For that data to generate value, it must first find new audiences—to reach those new consumers and markets, you must first reach developers.

Read More Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review: First Impressions Of A Flawed Diamond 2015-04-04 - Forbes Tech Ahead of my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge next week, I've turned to my first impressions of the handset as it comes out of the box.

Will it wow me, will I have too many questions, does that initial experience set the tone for my relationship with this device? One Plus Launches Oxygen OS, Its Custom Version Of Android 2015-04-04 - Tech Crunch Smartphone-maker One Plus just released the initial version of Oxygen OS, its forked version of Android Lollipop, optimized for its One Plus One phone.

As I wrote in my review: There's a cute feature that's sure to flatter the owner: When the camera's front-facing camera is on, the camera uses facial recogn A Meerkat Killer? Udover reklameindtægterne hev han også 350 dollars (ca.

Periscope Actually Was And Twitter's Executive Team Deserves Full Credit 2015-04-04 - Forbes Tech How many times have you read that incumbent ABC is about to launch an XYZ Killer against some new upstart competitor? 2.500 kr.) hjem fra de uheldige, der var blevet "posted" og gerne ville have fjernet det uheldige materiale.

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