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The design is not as severe and polarizing as that of the newest Prius, but it is enough to pull favor with the younger crowd.

Stepping inside the Ioniq we tested, which came with the Ultimate Package, revealed a high-tech, feature-packed vehicle that feels much more like a smartphone than a traditional automobile interior.

It screams modern, different, and futuristic all in unison.

Hopping around to the rear of the vehicle, the modern design cues continue thanks to bold angles and LED tail lights.

On the flipside, Eco mode does as you would expect and tames down the accelerator response as a means of maximizing efficiency.

Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) continues to be one of my favorite driving technologies in today’s production vehicles, and its implementation in the Ioniq is superb.It allows the driver to truly “set [the cruise control speed] and [almost] forget it.” As with traditional cruise control, the driver simply sets the cruise control speed and can then adjust the buffer distance from the car in front.TACC takes over from there and maintains the follow distance using a set of forward-facing radar sensors.The impressive efficiency of the Ioniq does not come at the expense of performance but rather, Hyundai’s engineers programmed their way around it with 3 driving modes that allow drivers to choose their own adventure depending on how their day is going.Stressful day at work and need to take the long way home to blow off some steam? It does not turn the Hyundai into a sports car, but it does give the pedal more pep and response, especially from around 20 miles per hour.

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