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Fellers based his article on conversations with Aya's military officer uncle.

Not the best methodology, but dammit, we were on the brink of war and that's unfortunately how a lot of research materials on Japan was produced during that time period. During the war, Fellers lost contact with Aya, and now back in Japan, he searches for her during the ten days the Supreme Commander of the Occupation, Douglas Mac Arthur, has given him to decide if the emperor will be charged as a Class A Criminal in the Tokyo War Crimes Trials.

I was reminded of those tags when I saw SDSU professor Wendy Maruyama's "The Tag Project." Keep both the wish trees and The Tag Project in mind when you see the movie "Emperor." Maruyama's project uses 120,000 paper identification tags—each representing an individual of Japanese descent who was imprisoned in one of the ten so-called relocation centers during World War II—and the tags are grouped by camp into an 11-foot-tall 100-pound hanging mass that resembles a trunkless tree.

MIS during World War II had two branches—one specializing in Japanese and the other in German.This is not exactly shades of the Green Hornet's Kato, but this single role eliminates the need for any MIS Nisei. What Klass and Blasi's script does provide is a small historical counterpoint. "We are simply following your fine examples," he comments.Aya's uncle mentions the pre-Pearl Harbor oil embargo in 1941 (Pearl Harbor was bombed in December of the same year). Contrasting aspects of imperialism could have made this movie more complex and increased understanding of the Tokyo Trials but this thread isn't pursued.Nacho says he's played with Jones many times, so he knows he's a legit force on a horse.Chaz Ebert's latest video reports on the Cannes premieres of "Foxcatcher," "The Homesman," "Mr.

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