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The gang estimates presented in the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment (NGTA) represent the collection of data provided by the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) through the National Drug Threat Survey, Bureau of Prisons, State Correctional Facilities, and National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) law enforcement partners.An overview of how these numbers were collected is described within the Scope and Methodology Section of the NGTA.So, their journals and texts and emails will be ours to read. I do this, not because I'm running a police state or because I wrote the Patriot Act (as a brilliant HP commenter accused me of), but because I am responsible for them and I love them and I want guide them and help them.

These numbers are not used by the FBI or NGIC to rank jurisdictions on gang activity.Girls are killing themselves because of photos like these. Too many kids are hurting themselves and others because they're in pain and they need help.I can't stand by and just hope my kids will tell me what's bothering them.I don't want the mistake to be sending a text message while driving and accidentally killing a child walking home from school.I don't want the mistake to be emailing naked photos to the captain of the football team and hoping he keeps those to himself.

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